Ornament Care & Storage

For over thirty-five years, the talented artisans behind Christopher Radko ornaments have taken great pride in creating these works of art. Although these tempered-glass ornaments are noticeably strong and solid to the touch, they are unfortunately not unbreakable. They need to be carefully maintained to ensure their lasting beauty. Here are some tips for keeping your ornaments a treasured part of your holiday for decades to come!


Do not clean your ornaments with water, glass cleaner, or other chemical solutions. The paint or lacquer used on all Christopher Radko ornaments is water-based, and each detailed finish is delicately crafted on. You can keep them clean by carefully dusting them off with a basic feather duster or clean cotton cloth. A gentle touch will ensure that your ornament looks as beautiful as it was the first time it hung from your Christmas tree.


Protect your collection from the extreme temperature changes and humid conditions often present in unheated, non-insulated areas like basements or attics. Never store ornaments in direct sunlight, as this can cause the delicate pigments to fade. Instead, keep them in a temperature-controlled place on a main floor. Carefully wrap your fine collectibles in acid-free tissue, high-quality paper towels or cotton batting and gently store them in a sturdy container or box with a secure top.